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Mafell DD40P Powermax Doweller System c/w the Mafell Maxi Case Mafell DD40P Powermax Doweller System c/w the Mafell Maxi Case
(916 041)

The Duo-Dowel Jointer DD40 is the only portable dowel machine on the market. This Mafell product is unparalleled worldwide. Thanks to the use of conventional wooden dowels combined with the precise Duo-Dowel Jointer DD40. Mafell has triggered a revolution in portable jointing. Furthermore, the Duo-Dowel System DD40 is faster, more precise and less expensive than any other on the market.

Fast working thanks to:
• Stop systems for precise positioning.
• Two dowel holes in a single operation.
• Special drill for all conventional dowels.
More precise assembly thanks to:
• Form-fitting joints in two directions.
• Immediate fixing of parts.
• Assembly without clamps.
More economical application thanks to:
• Use of conventional dowels.
• Optimum pre-assembly without clamping.
• Easy dismantling of joints (e.g. for transportation).

the mafell dd40

Settings for material thickness, joint angle and drilling depth are infinitely variable.

the mafell d40 in use

Fast and precise: butt or mitre corner joints.

the mafell dd40 in use

Retractable stop pins for tear-free drill holes close to the edge.

the mafell dd40 in use


Making stairs in the workshop or on site.
the mafell dd40 in use

Dowel template for exact drilling of rows of holes.

the mafell dd40 in use

Fast and economical: making a carcase with the DD40 and dowel template.


Supplied with:
• 350 Mafell special dowels (6 x 30mm (1/4 x 1-3/16 in.)).
Ref. No. 802000
• 200 Mafell special dowels (8 x 30mm (5/16 x 1-3/16 in.)).
Ref. No. 802010
• 100 Mafell special dowels (10 x 40mm (3/8 x 1-9/16 in.)).
Ref. No. 802020
• 2 Mafell dowel drill bits each (carbide) - Ø 6mm (1/4 in.).
Ref. No. 090096
• 2 Mafell dowel drill bits each (carbide) - Ø 8mm (5/16 in.).
Ref. No. 090097
• 2 Mafell dowel drill bits each (carbide) - Ø 10mm (3/8 in.).
Ref. No. 090098
• 2 anti-slip mats (265 x 175mm (10-7/16 x 6-7/8 in.).
Ref. No. 090063
• 1 glue bottle, 250ml (without glue).
Ref. No. 090059
• 1 allen key with handle.
Ref. No. 093282
• Dowel nozzle, complete (Ø 8mm) (5/16 in.).
Ref. No. 095060



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