ZI-EWB150-100L 100 Ltr/150 kg Electric wheelbarrow

£959.99 inc. Vat


ZIPPER ZI-EWB150-100l electric wheelbarrow is ideal for transporting debris around the house and garden. The ZI-EWB150-100l is part of the ONE-FOR-ALL series and therefore the battery is compatible for a range of ZIPPER tools. (Chainsaw/lawn trimmer/lawn mower/foliage blower,….)



  • efficient work thanks to powerful Li-Ion battery
  • convenient and safe control thanks to operating element on the right handle
  • 100 l capacity as well as max. load capacity of 150 kg
  • tire dimensions: 16 x 5.00-8 (drive) and 3.5-4.0 (support wheels)
  • manual tipping function of the tray with locking device
  • tray dimension L x W x H: 960 x 600 |170-255 mm
  • forward and reverse drive selectable by selector switch on the operating handle
  • electronic brake can be activated by selector switch

Included in delivery: ZIPPER standard battery with 40V / 6 Ah and 97W charger for 6Ah battery included. Battery also fits our ONE-FOR-ALL series (lawn mower, hedge trimmer, trimmer, auger,….)

Optional/accessories: tubular frame..EWB150-100LTR for easy transport of bigger objects like boxes (wood) available

ZI-EWB150-100L 100 Ltr/150 kg Electric wheelbarrow + HD steel barrow + F & R drive + electronic brake + twin rear support wheels eliminates lifting when transporting + manual tipping with locking device + 40V 6aH Li-Ion battery + 5 hrs max potential + 97W battery charger

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