ZAF 250 Vario Single Speed End Tenoning Machine

£35,640.00 inc. Vat

  • The ZAF 250 Vario executes the full range of tenons quickly, accurately, efficiently and precisely.
  • For straight or angled tenons, corner or ridge half-lap joints, you can always count on the ZAF 250 Vario Tenoner.
  • To ensure exact length measurements, the stop is adjusted on a scale.
  • Developed specifically for the ZAF 250 Vario, the cutting tool can be rapidly adapted for different tenon lengths and half-lap joints.
  • The ZAF 250 Vario has precision setting options and a clearly laid-out control panel. Precise positioning of the timber is facilitated by a new built-in laser. The result is cuts which are accurate to the nearest millimeter (inch) in all types of timber!
  • After setting the desired tenon geometry, the cutter head automatically executes the required shape – including angled, haunched and chamfered cuts.
  • For hardwood applications the ZAF 250 Vario has an adjustable feed rate. Chip waste is extractable as a matter of course.
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