TKS500S 500mmDia Construction Site Saw

£1,000.00 inc. Vat

HOLZMANN TKS500S_400V table saw is a real workhorse on the construction site.?With the 500 mm saw blade, it impresses above all with its enormous cutting performance.?The stable base frame and the powerful motor support safe and precise work

  • robust circular table saw ideally suited for use on construction sites
  • large cutting height of 150mm thanks to 500mm TCT?saw blade
  • stable base frame with table extension (foldable)
  • powerful motor
  • cross-cutting/mitre gauge?with integrated wedge cutting gauge + rip fence?support safe and precise working
  • transport device (handles and wheels) for short distances

included in delivery: 1x TCT?saw blade ? 500 x 30 x 4 (44T), push?stick, sliding wood, tool for saw blade change, CEE-plug with phase changing switch

TKS500S 500mm Dia Construction site sawbench + Lift handles + foldable legs & wheels for easy transport & maneuverability + solid foldaway cross-cut & mitre fence + wedge cutting jig + Folding table length extension + push stick & spiked hand grip + 415v

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