TAS165PRO Plunge Saw Package 1

£289.99 inc. Vat

High quality portable electric saw for making accurate plunge cuts in countertops, kitchen worktops, and floors etc.

  • high quality machine with fine track adjustment, depth scaling
  • and dust extraction
  • suitable for a wide variety of materials such as solid wood, worktops, etc.
  • Clean cuts are possible even at low speed
  • Expansion joints in parquet floors or the like are easy and precise
  • with automatic recoil protection, track fixation and soft start function
  • Scoring function
  • Dust bag included
  • delivered in aluminum case

TAS165PRO Plunge saw + 54mm max cut + 2000-5000rpm + scoring function + fine track adjustment + depth scale + auto kick-back + track lock – soft start + dust bag + alu carry case + 1400W (S1) motor Trade + 1.5m Guide Rail


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