OSM600 Oscillating belt & bobbin sander

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For the woodworker looking for a compact and economical solution to all types of curved and flat belt sanding, the Scheppach OSM600 oscillating sander puts the finishing touch to all your curve edged projects. With its powerful 450 W induction motor, 16 mm oscillating stroke, 100 mm deep sanding belt, and 5 x assorted sized sanding drum sleeves, it provides the perfect solution for sanding deep front edges, wide and narrow inner curves, and for sanding both with or across the grain. A vacuum hose can easily be connected to the collection port at the rear of the machine to eliminate dust getting into the atmosphere. For obtaining those perfectly sanded edges prior to a applying the finishing coat of laquer and polish, the OSM600 is the tool which gives you perfect results, guaranteed.

OSM600 Oscillating belt & bobbin sander + large sturdy worktable + 5 x different spindle sizes + belt sander + 450 W motor 230v

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