MT55 18 MBL Cordless Plunge Saw c/w 2 x 5.5Ah Li-HD Batteries

£1,254.00 inc. Vat

  • The idea of developing a new plunge-cut saw is not new in itself. The novel aspect of this development, however, was the origination of a unique precision product from a set of especially designed machine components.
  • The plunge-cut saw MT 55 18M bl is a jack of all trades. It can execute plunge, parting, bevel and angled cuts with supreme precision and without any tearing.
  • The scoring function is quickly activated in a single movement. The MT 55 18M bl then cuts visible edges as cleanly as a stationary machine, even if the splinter guard is worn.
  • The cutting depth range has now been extended to 57 mm (2 1/4 in.). Thanks to the innovative tilting system, the options afforded for bevel cuts are practically unlimited as well

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