MSG2021 230V multi purpose sharpener

£83.99 inc. Vat



  • Multi purpose sharpener with 2 grinding wheels pre-installed
    • Diamond grinding wheel for sharpening drills, chisels and other high-hardness materials
    • Corundum grinding wheel for sharpening knives, scissors and axes
    • instead of the corundum grinding wheel, polishing wheels can be used which are also included in the scope of delivery
  • cut-off wheels / grinding cylinders / felt drums?can be mounted with the flexible shaft and with grinding adapters included in the scope of delivery (chain saw / hedge trimmer)
    • Chainsaws
    • hedge trimmers
    • tools and blades can be resharpened
    • or various grinding operations (engraving, cutting,…) can be carried out.
  • Drill bit / polish / scissor-knife / hatchet / chisel bench?for the two fixed grinding shafts ensure easily operation
  • 6 speed levels can be selected for the flexible (up to 21000min-1) and grinding/polishing disc (up to 5600min-1)

Included in delivery:?Diamond grinding wheel ?51 x ?10 x 7,5 mm;?Corundum grinding wheel ?50 x ?11 x 8 mm, rubber roller??12mm, 8 x sanding drum ? 12,7mm (K120); polish combound, brasswire wheel, sponge wheel, polishing wheel, rubber roller??6mm, sanding drum?? 6,3mm(K120), sanding disc ?20mm(K180); cut off wheel??24 (10xbraun; 20xschwarz); grinding cylinder brown fused alumina ?6x10mm, grinding cone brown fused alumina (?10x6mm); grinding ball brown fused alumina (?10mm); grinding disc carborundum (1x ?20x6mm,?1 x ?10×6); grinding cylinder alumina?(1x ?15x10mm, 1x?10x13mm), collet (?2,4 x ?4,4 x17mm), mandrel for cut off and sanding wheels, pin for felt discs, nylon brush??15×9, stainless steel brush??5x27mm; nylon brush disc ?22; stainless steel brush disc ?22; carving bit for wood??2mm; diamond carving bit ?2mm; grinding adapter (hedge trimmer / chain saw / blades&tools); felt disc (?25mm, ?12mm, 3x?9mm), dressing stone, grinding tip brown fused alumina ?6x10mm, diamond carving tip, file inserts for chainsaw?(?4,5,6mm

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