MBM600LRE Magnetic Drill

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  • For drilling core & threaded holes.
  • Ideal for handling huge bulky steel workpieces – where drill press and electric hand drills are inadequate.
  • Offers high mobilitity for working with big workpieces.
  • Also for vertical drills – convenient and small,can reduce work force and improve the machining accuracy and effienciency
  • By activating the electromagnet the MBM 600LRE can be mounted on every steel part and in any position. No slipping!
  • Also suitable for overhead work – the magnet provide the necessary security.
  • Widely used in the building, bridge building,and ship building industries usw.
  • The MBM 600LRE offers verious functions – left and right run, adjustable velocity, speed regulation and tapping function.

included in delivery:?arbor MT3 B16, drill chuck, wedge, safety strap and collant tank, transport box

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