FKS315-VFN3200 315mm Panel Saw

£6,599.99 inc. Vat

?Ideal for machining large workpieces.

  • With a large professional aluminum sliding table and extension arm, ideal for processing large workpieces and cutting large, heavy panels
  • including scorer with its own motor
  • central control panel on the front of the machine
  • Absolutely smooth and precise saw blade height and angle adjustment using a handwheel
  • analog angle display for reading the saw blade inclination
  • two cutting speeds on the main circular saw blade as standard
  • very high quality and stable machine body
  • Table widening and extension made possible
  • comfortable working
  • Conductive aluminum sliding table with hardened
  • Steel guide rods and double rod guide
  • high dead weight enables precise machining
  • heavy workpieces
  • stable parallel stop with fine adjustment
  • Extendable and robust telescopic stop on the boom with 2 tilt stops
  • Max.?Cutting width at the rip fence 1150mm
  • with LINIX motors

Please allow 3-4 week delivery from Austria

FKS315VFN3200 315mm Panel saw package + cast iron table + 80x1150mm max depth/width of cut + 3.2m integral sliding table carriage + outrigger support table w telescopic arm + table width & length extensions + 2 x speeds + analog readout of cutting height & tilt + integral motor driven scoring unit + 7700W motor 415v Professional

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