DKS21PRO 406mm scroll saw

£179.99 inc. Vat

The Holzmann DKS21PRO scroll saw is designed for the keen model maker and hobbyist who needs a tool to make precise intricate cuts in a variety of materials.

  • Normal fretsaw blades can be used!
  • stable parallel arm enables precise work
  • Stepless speed and suction connection as standard
  • suitable for processing wood, plastic, metal, plexiglass or plaster
  • Integrated blow-off device removes dust particles from the workpiece
  • The work table can be adjusted up to 45 ° for miter cuts
  • including lamp, table extensions, saw blade adapter and 10x saw blades

    DKS21PRO 406mm Scroll saw + vario speed adjustment 500-1700 rpm + stable frame + integrated blower / light / table extensions + 10 x blades + accepts normal fretsaw blades. 230v

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