DD40P Doweller Powermax 110v

£1,186.80 inc. Vat

  • The Duo-Dowel Jointer DD40 is the only portable dowel machine on the market. This MAFELL product is unparalleled worldwide.
  • Thanks to the use of conventional wooden dowels combined with the precise Duo-Dowel Jointer DD40, MAFELL has triggered a revolution in portable joining. Furthermore, the Duo-Dowel System DD40 is faster, more precise and less expensive than any other on the market.
  • The work is fastened exactly by the dowels, so that clamping is much simpler and quicker, or it can be omitted altogether.
  • MAFELL´s DD40 System is an inclusive product package, comprising the MaxiMAX or MidiMAX machine in a T-MAX case, wooden dowels, a glue bottle, 2 anti-slip mats and drill bits as standard.

    240V | 240V PACKAGE | 110V | 110V PACKAGE | POWERMAX 240V | POWERMAX 110V

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