D510F Wood turning lathe

£839.99 inc. Vat

The Holzmann D510F is a high quality bench top woodturning lathe designed to meet the demands of the seasoned professional.

  • precision tool for professionals, gray cast iron version
  • variable speed control with mini frequency converter, therefore high torque at low speeds
  • high standard of spindle concentricity
  • single hand operation of the tailstock and tool rest with cam lock mechanism
  • metal handles are treated with chrome polish
  • spindle fixable all 15 degrees
  • left-right-rotation
  • optional: bed extensions (644 mm) D 510FBVL
  • LCD-speedometer

delivery content: tool test, 2x center point, optional tools, face plate

D510F Wood turning lathe + cast iron construction + 3 x step vario speed ratios (250-3850rpm) + 510x160mm max standard capacity + optional bed extension + LCD speedmometer + 735W (S1) motor 230v

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