Cordless drill driver A12

£394.80 inc. Vat

Use of the best materials and first-rate workmanship make the cordless drill driver A 12 extremely rugged. Tipping the scales at around one kilo, including the battery, the tool is also very light. The brushless motors give this latest model even more power than its predecessor, as well as exceptional torque. Enhanced by soft surfaces, the feel of the A 12 and its perfect balance facilitate fatigue-free operation.

 A12 in T-MAX
Delivery Scope: 
1 cordless drill driver A 12
1 quick-release chuck A SBF 10 209338
1 quick-release angle head A-SWV 10 206773
2 battery PowerTank 12 M 43 LiHD  094508
1 battery PowerStation APS M 094492

1 belt clip

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