ABS3880 Chip and Dust Collector

£649.99 inc. Vat

The ABS3880 dust extractor with 3880 m3/h airflow and 3 x inlets is designed for mid-sized workshops and the ideal solution for extracting large amounts of wood chip waste from three machines at the same time.

  • stable sheet metal construction and excellent air flow perfomance
  • resistent riveted metal fan
  • big chip bag capacity therefore low maintenance rate
  • smart design enables high air velocity and improved (CFM) performance
  • designed for steady performancy at continuous duty
  • perfect cost-performance ratio
  • high suction performance thanks to large filter surface
  • moves around workshop effortlessly on 4 swivel casters.

ABS3000SE Chip & dust collector + metal impellor fan + large filter surface guarantees high suction performance + 3x100mm distributor + 2 x sealing covers + 1500W (S1) 230v (accys to be added as necessary) Professional

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