ABS1500FF Workshop Vac & Extractor

£589.99 inc. Vat

Holzmann ABS1500FF is a combination dust extraction machine and workshop floor cleaner, designed for woodworkers wanting a mobile machine capable of extracting larger volumes of wood chip waste and fine dust.

  • complete with cartridge filter
  • large filter area allows for big air passage
  • steel fan wheel reistent to suction of small pieces of wood
  • constant extraction force even during long operations
  • solid steel plate construction which keep static charge to a minimum – compared to plastic housings
  • uncomplicated. quick bag change
  • includes carriage with castors for high mobility
  • 2,2 m? filter area

ABS1500FF Workshop vac & extractor + FP1 fine dust filter cartridge + metal impellor fan + 60 Ltr dust bag capacity + 2.2 m2 filter area + hose & floor suction hood + castors + 750W (S1) motor 230v All workshops

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